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At Nineteen61, we position ourselves as a benchmark for Lakeland dining. A new standard that shows what is possible—what Lakeland diners should expect from their restaurants.


Chef Marcos Fernandez 

Family is the driving force behind Marcos Fernandez culinary path. In an effort to grow with and provide for his loved ones, he has traveled to where the food takes him. This unrestricted approach translates into a diversified career of industry experience, spanning over 16 years and several countries.

Consequently, these travels have influenced the way in which Marcos cooks, broadening out from the native Cuban cuisine of his youth to Peruvian, Italian, French, Spanish, and the American South, most recently.

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In addition to being classically trained from The American Cooking School in Denver, Colorado, Chef Fernandez additionally honed his skills in modernist and molecular cookery. The key to his unique style is the collaborative balance of old-world techniques with evolving trends that occur in an ever-demanding food scene. These skills have been on an upward trajectory of refinement in the years spent developing proficiency, including major positions of responsibility as Executive chef of high volume restaurants throughout the country, as well as a tenured stint running the kitchen of a large member driven Yacht club of over 300 affiliates and nearly $2 Million in expenditures located in Lakeland, FL.

Chef Fernandez has proven himself a leader in the kitchen,  growing the food and beverage department of many endeavors, all while gaining the attention of diners in his community.  His focus is to guide a new generation of cooks and apprentices to cultivate an appreciation and respect for the products that are available to them. To lead them in the kitchen by example, through hard work as did those who have channeled his path and will continually influence his decisions in future gastronomic pursuits. He aims to do this on the highest possible level at restaurant Nineteen61.

Chef Marcos worked closely with his friend, chef Geronimo Aquino, Gustavo Mandriotti, Chris LaBarge, and a couple of local farmers which asked to remain anonymous for over 3 years developing and perfecting the “Food Revolution of Lakeland”.  To bring an experience that was missing in our beautiful city.

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Authentic Cuisine

We strive to create innovative menus that are both authentic and modern in Latin culture.

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Our dishes are made with fresh ingredients to bring you a true dining experience.

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Our Chefs are both creative and passionate and it shows in each mouth-watering menu!


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